Develop Your Vision and Learn to Adapt

You'll meet with like-minded professionals, to help you gain clarity about who you are, what you value and how you can develop a vision for of an inspired career.

Equally important is to expand your business acumen by sharing insight and experience with your peers.
We also encourage you to brainstorm with professionals who represent your key stakeholders where you work. For instance, a COO will be more successful when they know best to support a CIO.


Business environments are changing faster than any executive can manage on their own. No one person can keep up. This is why cross-pollination is the foundation to Mastermind 10x10. When we share our intrinsic knowledge with each other, we become stronger, sharpen our vision and adapt more quickly.

This is your path for building meaningful and collaborative relationships that will take you and your company to places you’ve only imagined.


  1. Prior to the meeting, you’ll talk with Victor Dominguez, our facilitator, to identify what you want to accomplish at our forum.
  2. Meetings run two hours; beginning with casual networking and hors-d'oeuvres
  3. You may pose your question regarding your career strategy or building your professional acumen
  4. You may offer your insight on questions asked by other participants
  5. The pace of the conversations are rapid


Because our time together will be too brief to fully explore our topics, you'll take away from the meeting the following:

  • You’ll have a greater understanding of the parameters of your topic.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to identify the gaps that need to be addressed.
  • We’ll arrange one-on-one meetings for you with a Subject Matter Expert to further explore your topic.
  • We can also arrange a career strategy meeting to help you create a roadmap for adapting your career to the rapid changes taking place in your industry.

Discover what's next in your career by engaging in our Mastermind meetings

Strategic Development

Technological Innovation

Human Capital Development

Mastermind 10x10 Meetings

Our meetings are focused on fast-paced, vibrant discussions about career strategies that will keep you ahead of the rapid changes in the business world and on target with your highest aspirations.

The fundamental question we ask is: how can we create a vibrant career that is purpose-driven while the professional landscape is constantly changing because of technological disruption, mergers/acquisitions and HQ relocations?

Your Seat at the Table

We cross-pollinate our experience across these functions of an organization: Strategic Development, Technological Innovation, and Human Capital Development.

Pick Your Path

There are two primary paths one can pursue at a Mastermind meeting.

1. Brainstorm with us about how you can create a meaningful career.

2. Increase your business acumen to help you realize opportunities within your company.

Our participants will collaborate with you regarding your interests. It's a simple process and quite profound as well.

1. Meaningful Career

A meaningful career is a result of knowing your core talents and understanding the highest value you contribute in the marketplace; thus having a purpose for your hard work.

2. Business Acumen

A sharp business acumen conveys the understanding that you have intuitive skills which allow you to grasp a situation quickly and clever enough to use it to capture new opportunities.

One-on-One Meetings
The Mastermind 10x10 has a One-on-One program connects business leaders with subject matter experts to discuss business strategy, technology, and talent development.

One-on-one meetings are how we follow up with our Mastermind group sessions. You'll find that both participants learn from each other by sharing their insight and experience.

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